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The first quarter of 2024 has been incredible for the Regard team.

Here’s a quick glimpse of what we’ve accomplished:

  • Over 400 new users on board: We’ve welcomed a massive wave of new users in the last 3 months, and it’s been fantastic to see our community grow!
  • National expansion: Regard is now live in almost every region of the country – we’re looking at you, Florida! We’re excited to keep expanding our reach and serve customers in every state.
  • Two million milestone: In January, Regard surpassed capturing and diagnosing two million medical conditions since its launch in 2017. 


    • Regard announced it had surpassed a key milestone of surfacing more than two million patient diagnoses since its launch.
    • Penn Highlands Healthcare is a rural health system with many very sick patients who don’t have a lot of resources. And the resources of the health system, in terms of clinicians, are very limited. As a result, burnout is extremely high. So Penn Highlands turned to Regard. “They are very physician-centered and offered us like an AI assistant that is pretty accurate because, for example, a resident basically works with attendings, trying to get them information and details and decrease workload, and then at the same time learns what’s important to you and learns what’s important to medicine in general,” Allenbaugh explained.
    • Imagine a hospital as a living, breathing human body—each part interdependent, each function vital. Just as our body relies on the harmonious function of intricate systems, a hospital relies on a network of operations to deliver care.
    • Regard announced its partnership with Kettering Health Hamilton to implement their groundbreaking EHR-based technology that analyzes the entirety of the medical record and streamlines navigation for busy clinicians. The new partnership will allow for prevention of medical errors, time back for physicians, improved documentation quality, and better financial outcomes within the healthcare system.
    • Following the success of a recent pilot program, the health system will adopt Regard’s AI-powered technology enterprise-wide, augmenting clinical support for hundreds of clinicians. 


    • Joseph Evans, MD, FACP, Vice President, and Chief Health Information Officer at Sentara Health beautifully captures the partnership’s purpose: “It’s about helping make hospitals more efficient and confident when synthesizing large amounts of information. The goal is to reduce burden and improve patient care quality and safety.” Download here

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