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KLAS Research Spotlight Report Highlights Regard as an Emerging AI Technology


Los Angeles, CA - Regard, a software company developing an artificial intelligence (AI) co-pilot for clinicians to help diagnose medical conditions, announced today that it has earned top customer satisfaction scores in a KLAS Emerging Technology Spotlight report. Healthcare AI is quickly evolving as healthcare organizations are actively looking for ways to improve patient experience and outcomes, enhance clinical workflows, and optimize hospital finances. Regard is one of the first AI solutions that is operationalized within clinical workflows and is driving value across the entire health system. Across Regard's customer base, the KLAS report found an astounding 100% of respondents were satisfied and would buy the solution again. In addition, customers emphasized that Regard has helped reduce the documentation burden for clinicians, decreasing the amount of time spent on chart review, and catching diagnoses that may have been missed. "The overwhelmingly positive feedback from KLAS's report validates the increasing value and impact our solution has on health systems and our users," said Eli Ben-Joseph, CEO and Co-founder of Regard. "Regard stands out as a leading AI technology solution that is driving ROI today and also as an innovative technology partner that is expanding capabilities at a rapid pace. We strongly believe that AI won't replace teams at health systems in the near future, but the teams using AI will. We are eager to be that partner for healthcare organizations across the country." Regard customer quotes from KLAS report: "This tool helps with communicating the plan from one provider to the next in an incredibly succinct way. Regard has an incredibly unique product that has helped me as well as others in terms of identifying medication errors and knowing when to adjust medications." - Physician "What I like about Regard CDS Solution is that the platform operates in real time within our EMR. It is a parallel workflow to normal note generation, and it replaces that workflow. The product feels significantly more effective and less intrusive than its competitors." - Director "We hoped that the system would help our documentation become a bit less of a burden to our clinicians. We also hoped it would make our chart review faster and find any conditions we may have missed in our daily care. The system's outcomes happened pretty quickly, especially in terms of physician satisfaction. We review the system annually, and every time we have reviewed it, we have seen a return on our investment." - Director About Regard Regard is the leading AI-powered software that unlocks the power of clinical data enabling physicians to accurately diagnose patients and automate clinical workflows. It is the only product on the market that has a proven track record of saving physicians time, improving patient care and improving hospital finances. Regard is carving the path for health systems and physicians to meaningfully leverage Ai with the goal of bringing world-class healthcare to everyone. For more information, visit www.withregard.com and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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