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AI solution includes a new chatbot named Max and additional features to its core product that are currently being piloted with several health systems across the nation

Los Angeles, CARegard, a software company developing an artificial intelligence (AI) co-pilot for clinicians to help diagnose medical conditions, announced today that it has expanded its relationship with OpenAI, an AI research and development company. Through this relationship, Regard will release new core product functionalities and a new chatbot, Max, that is built on OpenAI’s large language model (LLM), GPT-4.

Investing in healthcare-focused Generative AI is crucial now, given its potential to revolutionize the entire healthcare ecosystem. While the industry is exploring impactful applications, innovative companies like Regard are leading the way in piloting new functionalities, testing cost and outcome impacts and sharing insights with the broader market, making this partnership and work cutting-edge.

While many companies discuss the possibilities of utilizing GPT-4 and LLMs in a healthcare context, Regard is one of the few actually operationalizing the technology and testing its capabilities. Regard’s new pilot LLM functionality will include:

1) Automatically drafting portions of the clinical note fully backed by patient data, emulating the role of a Medical Resident
2) Equipping clinicians with intelligent autocomplete functionality to save documentation time by searching through the data seamlessly
3) Checking documentation against clinical guidelines for more accurate auditing

“It is an exciting time for AI in healthcare and Regard is proud to be a pioneer in developing AI solutions for our health system customers,” said Eli Ben-Joseph CEO and co-founder of Regard. “AI is not going to replace anyone in the near future, but the teams using AI will. We want to help our health system customers accelerate their ability to use AI to build the future of medicine. We are optimistic and excited about the impact of our new functionality leveraging GPT-4, but also are taking an iterative approach to ensure that we can test, learn and share our findings with the Regard community and peers in the industry.”

“LLMs have incredible potential to help reduce physician workload by assisting with note writing,” said Tracy Bercu, MD, Chief of Medicine at Torrance Memorial Medical Center. “Regard is uniquely positioned to utilize this technology as they already have a robust product that generates notes which only require physician verification of which items to be included, thus reducing effort. I am excited to start incorporating Regard’s use of LLMs into my workflow as this could revolutionize the documentation burden that physicians like myself face.”

This new innovation from Regard provides a pathway to finding real and meaningful ways for the healthcare industry to leverage LLMs beyond AI scribes and AI billing. Regard has been able to operationalize the use of LLMs in the clinical workflow by using all the data available to clinicians to help them better diagnose and care for their patients.

Regard’s new LLM functionality is currently being piloted with select health system users and will be available to all Regard’s customers soon.

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Regard is the leading AI-powered software that unlocks the power of clinical data enabling physicians to accurately diagnose patients and automate clinical workflows. It is the only product on the market that has a proven track record of saving physicians time, improving patient care and increasing hospital revenue. Regard is carving the path for health systems and physicians to meaningfully leverage AI with the goal of bringing world-class healthcare to everyone.

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