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New oncology support increases the ability for clinicians to better diagnose and treat patients while ensuring accurate reimbursements for hospitals

Los Angeles, CA – Regard  announced today that its core product now covers 173 cancer diagnoses including specification for stage, remission status, and if the cancer is metastatic based on available data within the patient record. 

This new oncology support further enables clinicians using Regard to have a more complete picture of their patients and ensures that they are able to accurately document the complexity and severity of illness for those patients. This is something that often goes undocumented, resulting in missed reimbursements for hospitals despite delivering comprehensive medical care to patients with a cancer diagnosis.  

“With hospitals continuing to face challenges with clinician burnout and rising costs, it is critical to be able to find solutions that improve clinical workflows while also improving reimbursement, patient care, and outcomes” said Eli Ben-Joseph co-founder and CEO of Regard.  “This product release builds on top of the existing foundation that Regard has developed for our health system customers across the country. It expands opportunities for clinicians to better diagnose and treat their patients while also supporting billing and coding teams with accurate documentation.” 

As part of this release, Regard partnered closely with existing customers to build out the requirements for the feature and has rolled out the functionality to all users. 

About Regard

Regard is the leading AI-powered software that unlocks the power of clinical data enabling physicians to accurately diagnose patients and automate clinical workflows. It is the only product on the market that has a proven track record of saving physicians time, improving patient care and boosting hospital finances. Regard is carving the path for health systems and physicians to meaningfully leverage AI with the goal of bringing world-class healthcare to everyone. 

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