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Leading AI clinical automation technology relieves administrative burdens for physicians, while simultaneously improving the speed and accuracy of diagnoses

Los Angeles, Jan. 23, 2024Regard, an AI clinical platform within the EHR that helps clinicians diagnose medical conditions, announced today it had surpassed a key milestone of surfacing more than two million patient diagnoses since its launch. Regard analyzes the entirety of the medical record and streamlines EHR navigation for busy clinicians, giving them a head start to accurately diagnose. 

Today’s physicians are carrying an immense burden, and it is taking its toll on them, along with caregivers, and patients. Those who work in hospitals are responsible for digging through mountains of clinical data and documentation just to get a baseline understanding of the patients they see, making it easy to miss key information or make diagnostic errors. According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, one in 18 patients receives a misdiagnosis in the ED and one in 50 suffers an adverse event as a result. Regard’s AI-powered clinical automation technology curates and uniquely recommends diagnoses after fully reviewing an individual’s EHR, ensuring nothing was missed and improving patient safety. 

“Hospitalists in today’s busy healthcare environment are often tasked with making critical decisions with little time to fully digest the large amount of information in a patient’s medical record,” said Dr. Russ Cameron, Chief Medical Information Officer at Penn Highlands Healthcare. “Regard’s technology scans the EHR data and surfaces potential diagnoses, doing in minutes what could take a care team hours. It provides peace of mind for both patients and clinicians, ensuring that nothing’s missed that could impact a person’s health.”

Health systems utilizing Regard’s technology saw a 14 percent average increase in comorbidities (CC)  and major comorbidities (MCC) capture. By identifying and flagging these secondary diagnoses, Regard’s technology ensures hospitals have a full picture of a patient’s health and can help busy care teams catch potential safety issues.

“Ensuring patients receive the best care possible is our north star as a company,” said Eli Ben-Joseph, Regard CEO and Co-Founder. “This milestone means that we are one step closer to ensuring every patient gets world class care, while also providing clinicians with tools that empower them to deliver the best care possible.”

About Regard
Regard, the leading AI clinical automation technology company, analyzes the entirety of the medical record and streamlines EHR navigation for busy physicians, enabling them to accurately diagnose patients and automate clinical workflows like chart reviews and notes. Regard users call it their “AI Resident.” The technology helps health systems get the most value out of their clinical data, saves physicians time, improves patient care, and rejuvenates hospital finances. Regard is carving a path forward for health systems and physicians to meaningfully leverage AI, with the goal of empowering physicians to provide world-class healthcare to everyone.

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