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Regard was purposefully designed for physicians to streamline workflow, enabling a more efficient and enjoyable use of the EMR.

Regard’s AI co-pilot embeds into the EMR and works as a virtual medical resident to curate all patient data, suggest new diagnoses, and automatically generate clinical notes.

With Regard, you will spend less time chasing data in the EMR and more time doing what you love.

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How Regard

Regard’s AI co-pilot embeds directly into your medical record
Curates & recommends diagnoses after reviewing all data
Auto drafts and updates clinical notes to ensure they are accurate

See how the AI co-pilot works

Improve quality
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Save Time

Regard has been life saving. It does chart review in seconds for me. Now I spend that time on patient care.

- Dr. Manny Hakimi

Reduce Burnout

Any time I can speed up the documentation and add quality, that’s a win. That one or two-hour difference means I can talk to a patient’s family or go outside and get lunch with my coworkers. All of this makes my life as a physician more enjoyable.

- Dr. Renee Allenbaugh

Better Patient Care

Regard clued me in to the fact that we had failed to order prednisone for this lady. She had started to develop adrenal insufficiency, which was uncomfortable for her and could have been life-threatening.

- Dr. Duncan Hill

Learn About the ROI

System wide impact

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Happy Doctors

20% time-savings

56% reduction in burnout

Healthy Patients

14% improvement in CC/MCC capture

Reduction in patient safety events

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Huge ROI

$50M+ Total impact

8% CMI increase

Featured Articles

Penn Highlands Healthcare generates $3 million in additional revenue with the help of Regard


Like many rural health systems nationwide, Penn Highlands Healthcare consistently looked for ways to maintain a positive margin during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Rural hospitals run very lean,” says Dr. Russell Cameron, Chief Medical Officer. “If you can help margins by improving the case mix index, this helps with revenue that keeps you afloat.”

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The Physician Perspective - Dr. Renee Allenbaugh


Highlights from our webinar, Empowering Physicians & Revenue Recovery in a Post COVID Era, with guest speaker Dr. Renee Allenbaugh, Medical Director at Apogee Physicians Hospitalist Group.


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